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What are the differences between the various versions of GoldMine software?

All our GoldMine versions are well-equipped to assist you with your customer relationship management. Please refer to our Which Version is Right for You chart to learn more.
What is the cost of GoldMine?

Get a customized GoldMine quote.

Does GoldMine integrate Emails with Outlook?

GoldMine Integration Services for Microsoft Outlook allows you to utilize all your GoldMine contact information when you use e-mail.
Now you can handle all of the following GoldMine software functions from within Outlook:

  • Link received and sent e-mail messages to a GoldMine contact.
  • Create a new contact and link e-mail messages.
  • Access GoldMine contacts via the Outlook Address Book.
  • Link all messages automatically from a particular e-mail address to the corresponding GoldMine contact.
  • Launch contacts in GoldMine.

For more information, see our GoldMine Integration with Microsoft Outlook products page.
Does GoldMine integrate Calendar and Contacts with Outlook?

With GoldMine Integration Services for Microsoft Exchange Server, you can connect GoldMine Corporate Edition and Microsoft Exchange Server users to increase productivity, enhance efficiency and generate a true return on your technology investments. With GoldMine / Exchange integration, you can:

  • Sync calendars
  • Transfer data automatically
  • Sync contact information
  • Share public calendars

And much more! To learn more please review our GoldMine Integration with Microsoft Exchange page.
Is GoldMine a web hosted solution? (Online solution, web CRM)?

Utilizing server-based computing, iGoldMine enables organizations to administer, deliver and update applications from a central location to a wide variety of users. All transmissions are fully encrypted to secure critical corporate data at all times, while the real-time nature of the information helps remote users increase productivity while creating and fulfilling new business opportunities. For more information, please review our iGoldMine products page.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  This type of system helps business manage their relationship with their customers, prospects, and/or any other individuals or businesses that are important to their success.  GoldMine is the best CRM for small to mid size businesses.  It has core functionality ready in out of the box application that can be customized to fit specific business needs.  Would you like to see the power of Customer Relationship Managment?  Call at 214-228-2287 or click here.
Why GoldMine?

As your business continues to grow and evolve, you face different challenges. GoldMine software provides excellent tools and CRM support to overcome those challenges and propel you to the next level. You have powerful reporting tools at your fingertips, coupled with important information on your prospects and clients, all while integrating with your primary operational software, such as Microsoft Exchange.

For more information, please contact us. We will happily answer your questions, and set up a personalized demo based on your specific business needs. 

Is GoldMine a web-based solution?

GoldMine is a server based solution, which means that GoldMine is installed on a server in your office or a different location.  If you have users who will need to access GoldMine via the internet, you can use iGoldMine to publish GoldMine in a web browser.  Get more information on iGoldMine.

Is GoldMine a monthly subscription or software as service?

GoldMine is not a monthly subscription or software as service.  It is software you will purchase and own by paying a one time software charge.  You will be able get support and free upgrades from FrontRange, makers of GoldMine for an annual maintenance fee.  The software that you will purchase will be yours and you will be able to own and control all your business critical data.
How can I get a demo of GoldMine?

Please click here or call us at 214-228-2287, to give us your contact information.  We will contact you to schedule a personalized demo.  We also provide a 2 week access to our GoldMine Demo system where you will be able to fully test GoldMine and all its features.

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