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iGoldMine™ and iGoldMine™ Plus

Real-Time Access to Goldmine Corporate Edition

iGoldMine Equals Online CRM Access - Anytime, Anywhere

Online customer relationship management (CRM) access is critical for every small and mid-sized business. To maximize your sales force, you need to support distributed work environments.  Whether they are remote offices, home offices, or sales people on the road, it is important to ensure stable access to sales and marketing information while maintaining security.

iGoldMine and iGoldMine Plus provide access to your GoldMine Corporate Edition from any Web connection or local area network (LAN). Your sales and marketing teams can better manage your CRM online from remote locations without the worry of high-end technical infrastructure.

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iGoldMine and iGoldMine Plus

The power of GoldMine Corporate Edition lies in its ability to track customer relations across individuals and teams and through the entire customer life cycle. Utilizing server-based computing, iGoldMine enables organizations to administer, deliver and update applications from a central location to a wide variety of users. All transmissions are fully encrypted to secure critical corporate data at all times, while the real-time nature of the information helps remote users increase productivity while creating and fulfilling new business opportunities.

High-value workers can make existing tools and processes even more profitable with iGoldMine Plus. iGoldMine Plus offers full remote access to GoldMine Corporate Edition plus more than 30 additional applications, including:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Outlook

and other popular business tools.
iGoldMine Plus also provides full encryption of all transmissions for worry-free remote access to critical data. With expanded access to applications beyond GoldMine Corporate Edition, iGoldMine Plus delivers faster ROI at lower cost than competitive solutions. It supplements the power of iGoldMine with advantages that can make execution and strategy more proactive and effective.

Boost Your Online CRM Effectiveness

Both iGoldMine and iGoldMine Plus offer immediate and long-term advantages for all types of organizations:

  • Keep data secure on the server behind your corporate firewall and during remote access and transmission through full encryption - so you never have to worry about your mission-critical information
  • Expand opportunities, boost productivity, and enhance your bottom line by giving your remote sales force secure access to GoldMine and other Windows applications via the Web
  • Leverage existing infrastructure and maximize investments for faster ROI without resorting to costly solutions like Citrix MetaFrame® or Netilla®
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency by handling administration at a centralized location - not remote offices - and allowing every location to focus on their contacts
  • Access real-time data through one centralized database that eliminates information delays, information losses and synchronization headaches
  • Implement with ease by allowing remote users to get up and running quickly with just a URL - no client installation required

A flexible solution that gives immediate, real-time access to GoldMine Corporate Edition

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Use iGoldMine and iGoldMine Plus to:


  • Supplement your regular access to GoldMine
  • Deliver new GoldMine software applications to distributed teams
  • Use existing desktop hardware without making upgrades
  • Support the use of multiple desktop operating systems or platforms
  • Replace synchronization procedures with live access
  • Rapidly configure and deliver with the complete control of a central IT department
  • Connect over a local LAN, the Internet or other network connection
  • Access 30 additional applications with iGoldMine Plus

iGoldMine and iGoldMine Plus

iGoldMine and iGoldMine Plus give mobile professionals real-time remote access to comprehensive customer and prospect management tools.


  • Create, view, update, print contact records
  • Search for contacts
  • View full personal and group calendars
  • Update individual or group schedules
  • Manage correspondence, e-mail and e-mail folders
  • Utilize GoldMine software’s signature tools such as Opportunity Management, Automated Processes™ , literature fulfillment and leads analysis

Client Options:

Browser-based (zero footprint):

  • Run iGoldMine or iGoldMine Plus either inside the browser or as an extension of it, providing a seamless, easy-to-access interface, as well as control over screen size and application switching.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer plug-in (Microsoft ActiveX® control)
  • Netscape® plug-in (Java™-based plug-in)
  • Generic Java plug-ins (signed or unsigned)

Native clients (small install required):

  • Run iGoldMine or iGoldMine Plus outside the browser and benefit from even better performance over browser plug-ins.

To learn more about maximizing your existing GoldMine Corporate Edition with online CRM, contact us by filling out the form on the right. Both iGoldMine and iGoldMine Plus will help maximize your existing sales force and improve sales and marketing campaign processes. Contact us for more information. 

Or please feel free to Request a Personalized Demo of iGoldMine.

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