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GoldMineĀ® Premium Edition

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Focus on Customer Relationships

The Premium Edition of GoldMine software is created with the medium-sized and distributed enterprise in mind. We understand the level of functionality you need to support your sales and marketing processes, such as having GoldMine Premium integrate with Microsoft Office and other popular business applications. Our customized marketing and sales solutions give you the competitive advantage you seek. Some of our additions to GoldMine Premium include:

New Support Module!

Reduce your customer relationship management service costs, while increasing client satisfaction by deploying GoldMine Premium's Support Module.

  • Serve customers faster and more effectively
  • Increase technician productivity
  • Lower cost of service
  • Reduce training time 

New Intuitive Interface!

  • Highly intuitive
  • Easy navigation
  • Standards-based
  • Get to functionality and data quickly 

Request a Personalized Demo of GoldMine Premium Edition.

Customer Relationship Management

  • GoldMine Premium Edition consolidates customer information in one convenient location, which enables sales, service and marketing teams to view consistent data and similar facts across all facets of the organization
  • Contact list views include preview panes for quick navigation to detailed information of any contact. Contact record tabs can be reordered per user specific requirements and more can be displayed on the screen for added information
  • Gain a holistic view of any customer maintained in GoldMine to effectively communicate with the entire client base
  • Daily Activity Management features enable all users to manage day to day tasks and email conversations
  • Activity List preview pane visually displays open and closed activities, email communications and more
  • Quickly schedule calls, appointments, and to-do’s for any contact with the click of a button
  • Calendar views provide insight into each users daily, weekly and monthly activities. Group calendars enable managers to view subordinates calendar information

Sales Management

Opportunity Management

GoldMine software helps sales agents and sales managers…

  • Maintain a consistent selling process with visible results
  • Determine which markets they sell most effectively, which competitors they have a higher chance of winning against, and what sales activities and tactics can help shorten a sell cycle for optimal customer wins
  • Create Projects based off of opportunity information. GoldMine allows you to track detailed information about the clients, project status, source, and timeframe of any project 

Forecast Management

Forecast features allow managers to…

  • View each opportunity in the system and enable all levels of management understand the big picture, keeping the sales cycles on track
  • Compare actual sales and forecasted sales vs. quotas so sales agents stay focused on reaching their sales quotas
  • Administer forecast pipelines in real-time for the greatest revenue impact  

 Request a Personalized Demo of GoldMine Premium Edition.

Marketing Automation (Customized Marketing Campaigns)

Campaign Management

  • Improve marketing effectiveness and target the right contacts for each campaign by using intuitive campaign creation features in GoldMine
  • Understand more thoroughly your customer targets and marketing activities
  • Campaign wizard helps lists contacts which qualify for specific campaigns, automatically generate each user’s activities and helps marketing managers create and initiate email campaigns

Lead Management

  • Analyze the value of various lead characteristics using the Leads Analysis tools in GoldMine Premium Edition
  • Automate common business tasks such as sending emails, updating lead information, or scheduling lead activities
  • Track sales for closed loop reporting and campaign effectiveness

Customer Support

Case Management

Customer Service and Support functionality…

  • Enables tracking, resolution and reporting of service requests resulting in improved client satisfaction and better customer retention
  • Permits all support agents to accept incoming service requests, be alerted with upcoming and urgent cases, and share client information across support teams
  • Places important client information in the hands of your service agents so they can resolve service request quickly and accurately 

Knowledge Base

  • GoldMine users can leverage powerful Knowledge Base features to help analyze and resolve customer service issues
  • Supports an organizational content structure for all teams to access, as well as each user can develop their own, individual knowledge base content
  • Easily store content in comprehensive file and folder formats, and search knowledge base by keywords, topics and more 


  • Microsoft Office, integration for data export and mail merge features
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Firebird
  • Microsoft Outlook and other third party application integrations 


To learn more about GoldMine Premium Edition, or to understand which GoldMine Software Version is right for you, please contact us today. Or feel free to Request a Personalized Demo of GoldMine Premium Edition.

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