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GoldMineĀ® Plus Accounting for use with QuickBooks
Increase productivity with an integrated view of financial and customer information


GoldMine® Plus Accounting

for use with Quick-Books® provides seamless front and back-office data integration with the best-selling accounting application from Intuit Inc.

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Customer relationships are the single most important contributor to your bottom line. Every interaction with a customer has an impact on sales, expenses or inventory.

Your sales staff needs financial information such as credit limits, terms and balances to effectively manage customer relationships. But accessing accounting systems can be difficult, and the data is often not useful.

Now GoldMine Plus Accounting connects front- and back-office data to provide one unified view for all transactions that relate to a given account. Designed to integrate separate, unrelated systems for customer, sales, accounting and operational data, GoldMine Plus Accounting puts vital information about customers and suppliers just a mouse click away.

With GoldMine Plus Accounting, customer-facing employees enter information only once, which saves work, reduces errors and speeds response times. They no longer need QuickBooks to get the same accounting access they used to get only from complex enterprise systems or expensive customized solutions.

When salespeople can consistently access complete, up-to-date information about their prospects and customers, they can focus on results and close more sales.

GoldMine Plus Accounting allows you to:

  • Maintain consistent data across your sales and accounting systems.
  • Store, view and update fields in GoldMine® with data from QuickBooks
  • Synchronize financial data with other GoldMine users
  • Execute Automated Processes™ in GoldMine based on data synchronized from QuickBooks

Request a Personalized Demo of GoldMine Plus Accounting. 

New features for GoldMine Plus Accounting 4.0 include:

  • Simplified contact linking
    Easily synchronize and link matching contacts from the GoldMine and QuickBooks database using the Microsoft® Windows® service–based synchronization engine
  • Increased financial visibility
    Share contacts’ financial information such as credit limit, terms and balances with remote GoldMine users
  • Faster transaction synchronization
    See associated financial transactions on the History tab within GoldMine without opening QuickBooks
  • Improved information consistency
    GoldMine users who receive contact information through synchronization also gain access to related financial information from QuickBooks

GoldMine users can view:

  • Invoices and drill down to view specific invoices, details and status
  • Credit information, including the amount currently available
  • Current outstanding balances
  • Payment terms for each account
  • Purchase orders and drill down to view specific orders and status

GoldMine Plus Accounting version 4.0 works with GoldMine Corporate Edition (works with all builds of 6.7 and 7.0) specifically with the following QuickBooks products:

  • QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2003-2007
  • QuickBooks Simple Start Edition 2006-2007
  • QuickBooks Vertical Editions 2003-2007
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions version 4.0-7.0
  • QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2004-2007 for Canada
  • QuickBooks Premier 2005-2006 for the UK

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