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GoldMineĀ® Mobile Edition
Access GoldMine data anywhere, at anytime

Providing mobile access is a necessity for a fast-paced business environment. Small and mid-sized organizations must be able to compete with speed and elegance while maintaining efficient sales processes.

GoldMine software has solutions for customer relationship management (CRM) that not only improve sales and marketing campaign efficiency, but at a budget-friendly price. GoldMine Mobile Edition is one of these solutions.

GoldMine Mobile Edition is a mobile CRM and sales application that allows your mobile users access to their essential activities, including:

  • customer and contact information
  • opportunity details
  • daily calendaring activities

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This easy-to-use mobile application allows your sales force to improve their selling efforts through consistent sales processes and shared information, thereby shortening the sales cycles and increasing revenue.

Key Benefits:

  • Drive revenue while out of the office by maintaining contact with your important customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction and extend your sales reach by providing users their sales data while traveling
  • Maintain your existing sales process even while out of the office
  • Manage deals consistently across your internal and outside sales teams
  • Leverage your existing GoldMine software infrastructure


Real Time Access - Anywhere - GoldMine Mobile allows instant, remote access to mobile users using the widely popular BlackBerry devices. This mobile CRM gives important sales information, such as customer information and daily calendaring activities, where the mobile users need it most - on the front lines.

GoldMine and BlackBerry  - Research In Motion (RIM) is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative wireless solutions, including the award-winning BlackBerry device. Usage of this device gives mobile users wireless access to email, daily activity management, contact management and much more.

Phone & Email Integration - Leverage the power of GoldMine software and BlackBerry by integrating the phone and email features. Screen pops from GoldMine give you instant access to key contact information, along with the ability to automatically create history records from your calls. Email integration allows you to create history records in GoldMine directly from the email client within BlackBerry. GoldMine Mobile helps ensure that no email communication will be lost, especially when users are communicating with their clients remotely via BlackBerry devices.

Online and Offline capabilities - Vital customer information is never lost because GoldMine Mobile users now have access to their information at anytime, even when a connection is not available. Mobile users can either work from the local sales data store when a connection is not available, or, when a wireless connection is accessible, remote users can access data in real time over the wireless network. Real-time sync maintains a single source of truth for all users.

Wireless Installation and Security - GoldMine® Mobile removes the cost and complexity of a mobile sales deployment by removing the overhead it takes to manage remote systems. The installation is quick and painless and can be performed by the mobile user wirelessly. The application can be removed from the user by secure lease key security capabilities, and the server can control access to every remote employee, so no unwanted access will be granted.

Configurability - Consistent usage, whether it is in the office or on the road, is important to any sales user. GoldMine Mobile allows for easy configuration options of fields and records available on the mobile device. Using GoldMine Mobile’s configuration tools will ensure in-line with the configurations you choose to deploy to the corporate edition.

Customer Management and Daily Activity Management - Users have the ability to create, update and view all GoldMine customers, contacts and prospects via the BlackBerry device. Users can also view and edit their calendar meetings, appointments and to-do items with GoldMine Mobile Edition.

Opportunity Management - Sales agents can manage their pipeline anywhere at any time with GoldMine Mobile Edition. Using the opportunity management capabilities, remote sales employees are kept abreast of any pipeline changes or additions, and are able to collaboratively sell with other sales team members. GoldMine Mobile edition real-time sync ensures coordination between members of your sales team so your mobile agents can get the sales support they need, close deals faster, and forecast more accurately.

Request a Personalized Demo of GoldMine Mobile Edition.

System Requirements:

GoldMine Mobile Edition version 3.0 is compatible with GoldMine Premium Edition 8.0.1 or later and GoldMine Corporate Edition version 7.5 or later. Please see GoldMine documentation for system requirements. This version of GoldMine Mobile Edition is available in English.

Shared System Requirements

  • Pentium 4 Class machine or equivalent VMware or Microsoft Virtual Server virtual machine
  • 2.4 GHz or faster processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 100 MB disk space for server, 2 KB additional disk space per user

Server Software
For the Vaultus Server, we recommend one of the following:

  • Windows 2000 Server, Service Pack 4 or latest
  • Windows Server 2003, Service Pack 1 or latest

BlackBerry Device Requirements

  • RIM BlackBerry
  • OS 4.0, 4.1, 4.2
  • Minimum 32 MB memory, 64MB recommended
  • Color Display

Keeping your sales force on the move while ensuring consistent sales processes will increase your competitive advantage. Contact us to learn how GoldMine Mobile will improve your mobile CRM through diversified sales and marketing campaign management. Or feel free to Request a Personalized Demo of GoldMine Mobile Edition.

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