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Reduce Costs, Shorten Sales Cycles, Drive Revenue

Small and mid-size businesses have specific needs when it comes to customer relationship management (CRM). You need good functionality, solid application integration with Microsoft® and other major software providers, and a reasonable price. GoldMine software fulfills your CRM requirements by providing increased time savings, better relationship management and improved sales force efficiency.

By giving you the information you need to build relationships, GoldMine helps you increase productivity, streamline sales and marketing, and win and retain customers. Expand your GoldMine software capabilities with a full suite of modules that enhance communication and connect your mobile employees to critical CRM information.


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GoldMine® Mobile Edition

Access GoldMine data anywhere, at anytime

Providing mobile access is a necessity for a fast-paced business environment. Small and mid-sized organizations must be able to compete with speed and elegance while maintaining efficient sales processes.

GoldMine software has solutions for customer relationship management (CRM) that not only improve sales and marketing campaign efficiency, but at a budget-friendly price. GoldMine Mobile Edition is one of these solutions.

iGoldMine™ and iGoldMine™ Plus
Real-Time Access to Goldmine Corporate Edition

Online customer relationship management (CRM) access is critical for every small and mid-sized business. To maximize your sales force, you need to support distributed work environments.  Whether they are remote offices, home offices, or sales people on the road, it is important to ensure stable access to sales and marketing information while maintaining security.

iGoldMine and iGoldMine Plus provide access to your GoldMine Corporate Edition from any Web connection or local area network (LAN). Your sales and marketing teams can better manage your CRM online from remote locations without the worry of high-end technical infrastructure.

GoldMine® Premium Edition

GoldMine Premium Edition helps you effectively manage every facet of your customer relationships. You know that maximizing the opportunities of your customer relationship lifecycle is a distinct competitive advantage. GoldMine Premium enables you to convert more of these opportunities into bottom-line increases, often with the data you already collect.

GoldMine® Plus Accounting for use with QuickBooks
Increase productivity with an integrated view of financial and customer information

Accounting systems help track the impact of every business transaction, but access to this information for customer-facing employees is cumbersome at best, and impossible at worst... until now. Designed for business people who are tired of using separate, unrelated systems to access customer, sales, accounting, and operational data, GoldMine Plus Accounting solves this problem by connecting front- and back-office data to provide a single, unified record for all transactions that relate to a given account.

GoldMine® Integration Services for Microsoft® Exchange Server
GoldMine® Integration Services for Microsoft® Exchange Server

Bridge the gap between your Microsoft Exchange Server and your GoldMine server. For GoldMine Corporate Edition users, GoldMine Integration Services for Microsoft Exchange Server links these two applications, enhancing your organization’s productivity and scheduling capabilities.

GoldMine® Integration Services for Microsoft® Outlook®
GoldMine® Integration Services for Microsoft® Outlook®

You depend on GoldMine to maximize opportunities. With GoldMine Integration Services for Microsoft Outlook, you have a complete view and history of email correspondence for contacts shared by GoldMine and Outlook.

Keep All Members of Your Sales Team Perfectly in Sync!

Give your team the advantage of up-to-the-minute information with the automated synchronization capabilities of GoldSync: it makes updating and distributing vital customer information a productive reality. GoldSync easily extends information to your entire organization, regardless of where individuals are located or when they connect.

GoldMine® Enterprise Edition

Reinvent your sales processes the way you've always wanted
GoldMine Enterprise Edition is the newest member of the GoldMine® relationship management product line, designed for mid-market and enterprise organizations. Combining the latest in access, delivery, and integration capabilities, GoldMine Enterprise allows you to redefine your business relationships and reinvent your sales process.

GoldMine® Corporate Edition
Focus on Customer Relationships

Opportunities to win and retain customers occur at every phase of the customer relationship life cycle. Created for entire small to medium-sized enterprises or distributed enterprises, GoldMine Corporate Edition enables you to effectively manage every facet of your business relationships.

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