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We have been Goldmine software users for a little over four years. When we selected the software, we felt it was a good combination of features and performance that would best fit our needs. At that time, we selected a consultant to help us with the installation and customization of the software. This solution worked well for us, but unfortunately, our consultant decided to take another position in the software industry and left us stranded.

After researching a number of service provider solutions, we discovered that Goldmine consultants have a wide variety of skill sets and we had great difficulty identifying what we felt was a competent solution. As a part of our research, we became aware of Alycom Business Solution. Alycom was quick to respond and after evaluation of our system, gave very insightful advice on maintenance and improvements to our system.

We have retained Alycom for more than six months and have completed numerous projects. Alycom has not only been integral in the routine stability of our Goldmine installation, but they have also suggested and implemented numerous value added improvements. In addition, we were seeking the addition of several new technologies to integrate with Goldmine. None of these new technologies were simple, but Alycom implemented each one with skill and diligence while treating all of our needs with a sense of urgency.

We continue to use Alycom today and can highly recommend their skill, commitment, professionalism and commitment to results.

Bud Moore
Managing Director
Valesco Industries


Re: Your Service To Our Company
Dear Dilshad:
Another year will soon pass and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the valuable
services you have provided to our company over these many years. Your knowledge of
your products and interest in helping our company grow have truly paid off for us. Our
CMR system has become the central core of our operational structure. Its structure has
allowed us to increase productivity with minimal increase in staff.
Again, thank you for your part in our positive growth. We look forward to working with
you many more years.

Jeffrey R. Fishback


Dear Dilshad:

As the Director of Operations for our company, I am faced with the day-to-day challenges of keeping a multi-site office operation running smoothly. From network operations to data management to remote office support, Alycom Business Solution has become my number one resource.

The greatest challenge I faced in maintaing the technology for our multiple locations was in finding a technical support company that not only had the expertise, but also cared enough about our business to take the time to understand our issuse and forsee our needs. Alycom Business Solution has been the perfect solution provider.

For the past two years, you have not only provided the routine maintenance and technical know-how to support our GoldMine installation, both locally and at our remote office, you have also confidently forseen how our needs and new technologies might intersect and made recommendations to enhance our day-today operation dramatically.

In addition, the quality and level of support are unsurpassed. Your work ethic and technical expertise, and the fact that you stand behind the services your firm provides, clearly dustinguishes your firm from the competetion. Alycom's expertise in the NT network environment, generally, and GoldMine and all its integrated suite of CRM solutions specifically, make it cost-effective to work with you and Alycom Consulting as a single point-of-contact for all our local and remote technology needs. Thanks you for your superlative support.

Stephen Marc
Director of Operations
Custom Recruiting Solutions LLC


I am writing you today because it is about time I voiced my appreciation for all your hard work. We are what you would call "lost in the information age". You have been our guiding light that has helped us become more productive and professional in this highly competitive world. From day one, you have always had our best interest in mind and have helped us make decisions as if you were one of the company owners, Your ability to see, understand and solve our problems is priceless and I am confident in saying that your influence on Panel Systems Unlimited has made us the success we are today. We are so pleased with you and Alycom Consulting that we brag on you and your products every chance we get. Your continued dedication to Panel Systems Unlimited will insure our success and we look forward to your continued input.

Thanks again.
Scott Chapman
Panel Systems Unlimited.


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