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GoldMine Support

Your organizations' needs must change to keep up with the fast-paced business environment. Any good Customer Relationship Management solution must stay up to speed with these changes. And from time to time the system has to be tweaked. Effectively dealing with employee turn-over, technology upgrades, and just normal user support issues is very important in keeping a good system running well.

Alycom Business Solution has compiled several services to help you keep up with the fast past of doing business. We understand that no one support model fits every business, nor every situation. With complete knowledge and support of GoldMine solutions, we'll make sure that your system is maintained and your support needs met. We have extensive experience in supporting all versions of GoldMine, including, but not limited to:

  • GoldMine Standard Edition
  • GoldMine Corporate Edition
  • GoldMine Premium Edition

Our GoldMine Support Options:

Custom Training - Alycom Business Solution offer many ways to customize your GoldMine as well as tailor the training for your company. Customized training focuses on your specific business objectives and provides the right kind of instruction to implement and train your staff on GoldMine.

Call us at 214.228.2287 or Get a quote on GoldMine custom training.

Online GoldMine Support: This is the most commonly used method by the majority of our customers. Online support allows us to quickly analyze the problems and issues and to fix them in a rapid, yet effective manner. Online support can be purchased for single instances/occurrences, but we also offer packaged deals.

Call us at 214.228.2287 or Get a quote on GoldMine online support.

Onsite GoldMine Support: Alycom Business Solution also offers onsite support to help get a better use of your GoldMine, troubleshoot GoldMine problems, install/upgrade GoldMine software, install/upgrade GoldMine add-on software, and solve specific administrator and user(s) concerns. For Onsite support outside the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, travel expenses at cost will apply.

Call us at 214.228.2287 or Get a quote on GoldMine onsite support.

To get more information about GoldMine Premium Edition and other products, click here.

Click here to request a demo to learn many of the Best Practices in GoldMine and how you can maximize your return on investment.

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