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Act-On empowers Sales and Marketing Teams!  Act-On works seamlessly with SugarCRM to provide a complete closed-loop system for multi-channel lead generation, management, and revenue contribution. 

Easy, Automatic Synchronization

ACTON Act-On’s seamless integration with Sugar makes it easier than ever to generate more qualified, sales-ready leads for your sales team.  By using Act-On’s native, out-of-the-box integration, you can set up automatic, bi-directional synchronization between Sugar and Act-On, easily, and in minutes. With Act-On, you can easily attract, capture and nurture prospects, then convert leads directly into Sugar.  Your sales team accesses Sugar to get real-time information, including prioritized leads and activity history.

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Act-On automatically updates contact and lead records in Sugar, providing key insight into each buyer’s behavior and allowing for relevant conversations at precisely the right time.  Act-On for sales includes:


  • Hot Prospects – a prioritized list of the leads and contacts who are currently the most active and engaged
  • Act-On Email – allows your sales team to quickly and easily send trackable emails and see exactly who is opening them, and clicking on them
  • Act-On Activity History – lets your sales team see the digital footprint of their leads and buyers, uncovering what they’re most interested in

Email remains the hardest-working working and most productive marketing tool, with an ROI that easily outpaces every other tactic. With marketing automation, you can easily:

  • Create and launch high-quality campaigns with a simple drag and drop interface
  • Send the right messages to the right people at the right time, using list segmentation and lead scoring
  • Match the message to the recipient on-the-fly, with dynamic content
  • Optimize your campaigns with A/B testing

You can measure results in real time and get insight into campaign performance, including Revenue Impact, Revenue Attribution, and AdWords reporting. This lets you calibrate your campaigns based on what’s working and what isn’t, and improve future efforts. Use Act-On mobile to access your reports on the go.

If you would like to learn more about Act-On and how Alycom Business Solutions can assist with all of your CRM needs, you may contact us directly or call us at (214) 228-2287.

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