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About Us

Several years ago I took a look around at the customer relationship management (CRM) consulting world, and did not like what I saw. There were many companies who could handle the technical work, but they lacked real business knowledge and experience. The business process consultants were weak on the technical side. And no one was really focused on the issues of the small to mid-sized CRM business needs.

So, in 2000, I founded Alycom Business Solution with the purpose of fulfilling the CRM needs through customizing GoldMine software to fully automate the sales and business processes. We design solutions to fit your business, taking great measures to understand your unique selling proposition, your customer base, and your overall business culture.

My name is Dilshad Delawalla, and I’m the founder of Alycom Business Solutions, LLC, home of Over the years, many businesses have experienced the Alycom difference and have used GoldMine software and other solutions to fully automate their sales and business processes. Using our customized CRM solutions enabled businesses to make sure that leads are not falling through cracks, sales opportunities are not being missed, and customer relationships are being managed to gain repeat business. 

We design the solution to fit the business. To do this we strive to fully understand your business, and what it takes to successfully sell in your marketplace. We take the time to learn about your industry and your business needs, before even trying to sell you a solution.

Our solutions are comprised of:

  • Detailed needs analysis of the business and sales processes.
  • Customization and installation of GoldMine or other leading CRM software
  • Implementation of associated third-party software solutions
  • Individual user and administrator trainings

Alycom Business Solution has helped many businesses in Texas, and focuses on businesses in the Southeastern United States, including Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee.

We want to design CRM solutions that fit your business like a glove, and support your growth and changes as they occur. To better understand the different solutions provided by Alycom, please read our GoldMine case studies

For more information, please contact me . I want to answer your questions and give you the customized CRM solution your business deserves.



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