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GoldMine Third-Party Integration

GoldMine Third-Party Software Integration

Giving your sales team the best tools give them the competitive advantage. With the ability to access critical customer data while on the road, your sales staff will spend more time with your customers and prospects, adding dollars to your bottom line and keeping clients happy.

Alycom is an authorized reseller for market leading third-party software that can integrate with GoldMine to provide even more functionality. We understand the importance of using available tools such as interfacing with Blackberry for remote users, or synchronizing with Outlook for speed in communication.

Leads generated by your website can be automatically imported into GoldMine, an autoresponse sent to the prospect, and the appropriate persons in your organization alerted automatically via e-mail using Web Response Grabber.

Incoming faxes can be electronically attached to the appropriate record in GoldMine and the appropriate user alerted to check for a fax. Outgoing faxes can even be sent directly from GoldMine, saving time and recording the fax notification in history. All this can be done using FaxRush software.

Examples of third-party software programs we can integrate with GoldMine software include:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Word
  • BlackBerry products
  • FaxRush
  • Web Response Grabber

To find out about more third party software, please click here to go to our Products page.Or simply contact us to learn more about the best third-party software integration for your business.

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