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GoldMine Software Customization

GoldMine software is an industry leader in managing customer relationships for small to mid sized businesses. It is a powerful, feature rich, and versatile software that can be customized to perfectly fit your business needs. Some GoldMine features that will benefit your organization include:

  • The ability to record and manage contacts with all your customers and prospects providing up-to-date information throughout your company
  • Availability of all customer information to everyone in the organization at all times, reducing need for meetings to update the management on key prospects and assuring that whoever answers the phone has all the information they need to assist the customer
  • Following up with customers and prospects has never been easier. Calls, appointments, to dos, actions, letters, e-mails, marketing pieces can all be scheduled in GoldMine, prioritized, and the results can be tracked.
  • Individual GoldMine calendars are accessible throughout the organization, which reduces the need for internal communication regarding joint calls or appointments, creating a more efficient selling environment.
  • Managers can stay up to speed with forecast and sales opportunities in GoldMine through real time pipeline reports -- without having to pull sales staff out of the field to provide information.
  • Individual Sales reps can schedule prospect contacts even months or years in the future and GoldMine will alert them to follow up on those sales opportunities at the appropriate time – helping to assure sales opportunities are not falling through the cracks.
  • Reports can be created in real time. With a few clicks reports that provide contact information, activities, forecasts, scheduled activities and much, much more are instantly available from GoldMine. Customized reports can be created to meet any specific business needs. GoldMine Reports can be printed or automatically e-mailed to everyone who needs the information.
  • Critical information in GoldMine can be synchronized with Palm Pilot, iPaq or Blackberry to take it on the road.

These are just a few of the benefits a GoldMine Contact and Customer Relationship Management System can bring to support your business. Contact us to find out how your business can benefit from one of our GoldMine solutions.

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