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GoldMine Optimization

Excellence in customer relationship management requires implementing best practices within your organization – both in and out of the sales department. Your small or mid-sized business should benefit from an optimized system to support these best-of-breed practices.

When it comes to optimizing your GoldMine that reaches its full potential, Alycom has the system to support you through every step. We have the ability to customize your GoldMine software to meet your ideal sales and marketing processes. And, we provide the training and support your and your staff need to hit the ground running. We call this our GoldMine Optimization Center, and it includes:

GoldMine Automated Processes

Tired of having to repeat the same steps over and over again while trying to make a sale? Make your life and the lives of your sales team much easier by setting up automated processes. GoldMine allows you to automate processes that are routine tasks performed by GoldMine users. Tasks such as scheduling activities, printing letters, sending e-mail and adding data to a record can all be performed via an automated process.

Alycom Business Solution can make the use of your GoldMine as simple and as efficient as possible. We can set up your automated processes for you so you can cut out your follow up time in half or even more!

GoldMine Training Manuals & CDs:

Our GoldMine Training Manuals & CDs feature step by step, thorough techniques to every day and advanced GoldMine features. These interactive CDs and guides are available for introductory, advanced, and system administrator users.

Some of the ways customers use GoldMine Training CDs:

  • Users run the CDs to quickly learn procedures and tasks in GoldMine and then incorporate the use of what they learned in their own GoldMine system.
  • Companies and IT administrators hand it over to new employees for a better and quicker turnover to GoldMine
  • Training CDs can be given to users after sessions of Customized GoldMine Training, that way the lessons can stick for future reference

Since our GoldMine training CDs follow our course books so closely, you can use the student guide as a reference for the things you've learned.

Click here to request a price sheet on GoldMine Training CDs & Manuals.

GoldMine User Training

Training is crucial to the success of any Customer Relationship Management system implementation. Alycom Business Solution offers GoldMine training customized to your company’s needs to help maximize the return on your investment of your GoldMine solution. We integrate your Sales and Marketing processes with GoldMine training to help your staff relate the use of GoldMine to their day in and day out work. We also offer advanced user and administrator trainings that are customized to the needs of your organization.

Custom Training - Alycom Business Solution offer many ways to customize your GoldMine as well as tailor the training for your company. Customized training focuses on your specific business objectives and provides the right kind of instruction to implement and train your staff on GoldMine.

Call us at 214.228.2287 or Click here to get a quote.

Online - Increase productivity by having Alycom Business Solution train your users over the web. We can conduct a complete extensive training and overview of GoldMine, scheduled around your availability and time frame. This type of training is perfect to address remote offices or travel restrictions. You can do a set of short, concise custom trainings to address the specific areas you need.

Call us at 214.228.2287 or Click here to get a quote.

Onsite - Alycom Business Solution also offers onsite training for hands on training, to answer specific user questions and to train multiple individuals at the same time. For Onsite training outside the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, travel expenses at cost will apply.

Call us at 214.228.2287 or Click here to get a quote.

GoldMine Webinars

The following web events will be offered monthly. Read below for more details about each GoldMine topic covered.

GoldMine Premium Edition Can Turn More Leads into Sales

Alycom Business Solution will demonstrate how GoldMine Premium Edition will enable you to effectively manage every facet of your relationship with your customers and prospects. Opportunities to win and retain customers occur at every phase of the customer relationship lifecycle. GoldMine Premium enables you to turn more of these opportunities into additional bottom-line value, often by leveraging data you already collect.

wMobile, Wireless CRM for GoldMine

W-Systems will demonstrate the latest version of wMobile, the software that will seamlessly extend your GoldMine CRM system out to remote users BlackBerry, Treo and Mobile PC devices. Lookup contacts, complete sales activity reports, schedule follow-up and more from your telephone.

Getting Your Gold Out of GoldMine through MasterMine

MasterMine Software Inc., will demonstrate how MasterMine makes it easy to effectively manage and use GoldMine data for sales and marketing purposes.

  • Build reports in seconds, instead of hours
  • Live-integrated reports that link back to GoldMine
  • Easily build GoldMine groups and lists from any report segment
  • Simply drag-and-drop fields to change or re-format existing reports
  • Clean-up your database within just a few clicks

It allows you to unleash the power of the data you already have in GoldMine!

Event Web Type: GotoWebinar
Duration: 45 minutes, per each web event
Location: Online

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