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Case Studies
Case Study 1

Current Situation:
A company selling high-end copiers and printers with a well defined market had offices throughout Texas and over 100 sales people. Each sales person was using Outlook to manage their individual accounts. There was no centralized prospect database and no systematic way of maintaining information about competitor equipment used by prospects. The industry also experiences high turnover of sales staff. And the company had no way of knowing what opportunities a sales rep was working on. When someone left, the company was left with a pile of paper and business cards – making it difficult for anyone to follow-up with the accounts. Sales opportunities were being missed.

Alycom Business Solution implemented GoldMine as the CRM system to create a centralized prospect and customer database. This database not only stores the contact information but also serves as a centralized place to capture field intelligence including information about competitor equipment used by the prospect/customer. Customized reports were developed by Alycom to allow easy access to the data in a useable format. Card scanners are set up in each office so when reps come back from cold calling with a stack of business cards, they scan these into GoldMine – helping assure compliance with data entry standards and allowing the follow-up process to start right away. Alycom also provided training to all users and provides ongoing support.

All sales contact activities and sales pipeline information is easily accessible to the managers. Sales staff can target prospective customers who use competitor equipment based on age of the equipment and lease contract expiration dates. And when the inevitable turn-over in sales staff occurs, all their previous contacts and planned follow-up is available through GoldMine -- helping assure the company is not missing sales opportunities.

Case Study 2

Current Situation:
An international hotel management company with 27 users – 23 of which were remote users syncing to a central database – was experiencing significant problems with GoldMine. The synchronization function had not worked reliably since the implementation, which was done by another company. Goldmine was consistently giving users database errors. Information was not flowing through the organization in a reliable way, sales staff was very frustrated, and the data from GoldMine could not be trusted or used by the company.


Alycom Business Solution was able to fix the synchronization issues within a matter of hours. Alycom also worked with the company’s IT staff to upgrade the user laptops to Windows 2000 resolving the GoldMine database errors. A macro button was created so the sales staff could easily synchronize with the main database. And the sales staff was trained to optimize GoldMine.

The sales staff is now using Goldmine without issue, The information available through GoldMine is reliable and up-to-date. Other departments of the company have also started using Goldmine. Over the span of two years the company has increased to 50 users with more departments planning to implement GoldMine solutions in 2006.

Case Study 3

Current Situation:
A start up company that sells seawalls to water front property owners and contractors needed a customer relationship management (CRM) system that would enable them to manage their relationships with their resellers, who were contracting companies, and direct customers. They needed a way to capture the information that was completed by website visitors into their CRM system. And they needed to be able to send and receive faxes electronically and link them to their CRM system. The company had seven users in the office and one user out of town.


Alycom customized GoldMine and enhanced the overall functionality of the system. A third-party software solution was implemented to import leads coming through the website into GoldMine. An automated process was implemented to enter follow-up calls to website leads directly onto the sales rep’s calendar. A faxing software program was implemented to allow incoming faxes to be directly linked to GoldMine records and users were able to send faxes directly from GoldMine. The president, vice-president, and the remote user, were set up with GoldSync functionality on their laptops so they could access and update the database remotely.

The company is able to make follow up calls to new leads coming through the website within 24 hours. The engineers are able to send out technical drawings of sea walls to the customers/contractors electronically within seconds and also have the drawings connected to the customer/contractor’s record in GoldMine. The entire company stays connected and up to speed even when some of them are on site overseeing sea wall installations.

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