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Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Three Must-Have Reports for Sales Teams

For successful Sales and Marketing processes, efficient and timely reports are crucial.  All CRMs have some level of reporting capability.

We have found the following three reports to be Must-Have for the Sales Teams.

1. New Leads Report:

Goal: The goal is to make sure leads are being followed up with in a timely fashion.
Content: This report contains a list of all new Leads entered into the Sales Cycle and the different Sales stages they are in.  Lead management can be made even more efficient by deploying Lead Scoring.  With Lead Scoring, Sales teams can prioritize their activities and follow ups to maximize selling time.
Frequency: This report should be run at least once a day, if not more.
Users: Sales and Sales Administration Teams, Managers, and Owners

2. Sales Stage Report:

Goal:  To keep Opportunities moving towards the close in the Sales Cycle.
Content: This report contains a list of all open Opportunities inclulding their Sales Stages and/or Probability-of-Close, Expected Close Date, Age of the Opportunity, Days since last stage change, and Next Steps.  This report frequently includes an Expected Close Date that can be selected within a given time frame, i.e., this month, this quarter, next month, next quarter, etc.  Sometimes users like to see this report with a chart, graph, or visual representation, as well.  There can be many different variations of this report based on Products, Sales Stages, Opportunity Age and Size, etc.
Frequency: Run at least once a week.
Users: Sales and Sales Administration Teams, Managers, and Owners

3. Sales Activity Report:

Goal: To make sure Sales Activities like Follow up Calls, Prospect Meetings, Demos, Follow-up activities are being completed on a consistent basis.
Content: This report contains the total number of each of the Sales Activities completed by each Sales Rep within a given time frame.  The totals should be calculated by activity-by-day even if the timeframe for the report is longer.  It can also provide more detailed information for each type of the activity, like Calls, Meetings, etc.
Frequency: Run daily or weekly.
Users: Sales and Sales Administration Teams, Managers, and Owners

There are many other reports that can be created and made available to the Sales team so they can track, monitor, and improve their processes and close more sales.  At Alycom Business Solutions, we are experts in creating Reports from CRMs, like SugarCRM, GoldMine and integrating data from various different systems like Accounting, Inventory Management, ERP Systems, Website Analytics, etc.

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Happy selling everyone!!!