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What is SugarCRM?

SugarCRM is a Customer Relationship Management System. It enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution in the market. Recognized by leading market analysts as a “visionary” company, SugarCRM is deployed by over 1.5 M individuals in 120 countries and available in 26 languages.

How is SugarCRM deployed?
Depending upon the SugarCRM version (On-site or On-demand), it can be deployed on your local network, in a private cloud, or "on-demand", hosted on SugarCRM servers.

How many SugarCRM versions are there?
There are three business versions of Sugar available: Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. Each version is appropriately scaled to make Sugar a perfect fit for all your Customer Relationship Management needs. Click here to learn more about these versions.

Where can I learn more about SugarCRM?
At Alycom Business Solutions, we offer weekly webinars and individualized demos to help users and administrators learn more about SugarCRM and how it can help them have greater efficiency in their Customer Relationship Management. Click here to register for one or more of our webinars. Click here to set up a demo, focused on your specific CRM needs. Or call us at 214-228-2287.

Can you explain licensing fees and subscription payments?
SugarCRM is licensed based on the number of users within your organization who will be using it. It is annual subscription feebased upon the cost per user for the SugarCRM Edition to which you subscribe.Click here to learn about different editions and their cost.

If I am interested in deploying SugarCRM as a solution for my organization, how do I get started?

Please click here to send us your contact information and some information about your company or call us at 214-228-2287. We will contact you shortly to discuss next steps.

Is there a Sugar training manual?

There is an online User Manual available from your system Administrator. In addition there is in-line, context-sensitive help available from the main Sugar screen. Since each organization’s needs vary, there is no way to create a universal training manual. We do, however, offer other forms of training that may meet your needs. Click Here for more training information.

What other software and applications are compatible with SugarCRM?

Because Sugar is open source, there are hundreds of integrations and apps that have been developed for Sugar. If there are specific programs or integrations you are interested in, let us help you find the right solution.

Can I print documents that are linked to contacts in Sugar?

Sugar integrates seamlessly with Word and a PDF writer to allow you to merge, print and link documents to Sugar contacts.

How about email integration with Outlook?
How is email handled by the Outlook Plug-In if there is no contact in SugarCRM for the incoming email?

It depends – if emails are coming in from an archiving service, they are stored in a hidden way and if the lead/contact is added with the respective email address, they will show up in Sugar’s history. If they come in via Outlook, when you try to link it via Outlook link, it will force you to select/create the contact/lead the email needs to attach to.

How about Sugar’s Social Media capabilities?
How do I start SugarCRM free trial?

Click here to start SugarCRM Free Trial

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